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Conveyor Chain

Roller Chain Inspection

Roller chains, which are widely used for conveying and power transmission, suffer wear when the chain wraps and unwraps the sprocket causing the pin and bush rotate against each other resulting in wear on the pin and bush. As chain wear increases the chain misaligns on the sprocket teeth until it starts jumping off the sprocket teeth.

Conveyor Chain

Leaf Chain Inspection

Leaf chains which are widely used on forklift trucks, lifts tailifts and access platforms suffer wear in use and need to be properly maintained to ensure that they have not suffered damage. In the UK there is a requirement that they need to be thoroughly examined under.

Conveyor Chain

Chain Wear Gauge

The FB chain wear gauge enables you to track chain wear at each service and take any necessary action. The FB chain gauge also enables you to pre warn the customer that the chain may need changing at the next service.

Robust forklift chain

Correct lubrication keeps 
operations smooth

In and around harsh and corrosive port conditions a robust forklift chain lubrication and maintenance regime is essential if costly truck or container handler downtime is to be avoided, says Peter Church, managing director of FB Chain.